cloverleaf pond heater

1. This heater is especially for use on ponds.It is very simple

install and use the heater,But the basic safety precautions should always be followed.

2. Heater installation

Separate the connection nut, and join the feed pipe to the heater making sure the sealing ring is in the correct position and screw up to the compression nut. Loop pipework to preventing heater unit from draining.

Cloverleaf 1kw heater  -  £ 185.00


Cloverleaf 2kw Heater  -  £ 195.00

proline heater

Incredibly easy to use us, drop in electrical heater. We use these throughout or facility and find them to be reliable and efficient. 

13A Proline Plug and Go Thermostat only  -  £ 198.00

2 KW Titanium element with 13A Proline Digistat  -  £ 356.00


3 KW Titanium element with 13A Proline Digistat  -  £ 369.00