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Japan Buying Trips

Have you ever wanted to visit the home of Nishikigoi?

For koi enthusiasts visiting Japan is an absolute must, in particular seeing Yamakoshi for the first time...There are more koi breeders in a 50 square mile radius than anywhere else on the planet! 

A visit to Japan is an incredibly exciting time, with prices to suit all pockets it's an amazing opportunity for hobbyists and dealers alike to select koi directly from the breeders. You’ll be spoilt for choice!


The Koi Collection offer unique buying trips and no matter what you’re after, visiting such breeders as:

Dainichi, Marudo, Aoki, Torazo, Miyatora, Nogami, Isa, Yamamatsu, Izumiya, Yagenji, Hiroi Seiji, Sakai, Shintaro, Marusei, Hosakai, Hirashin, Hiroi, Kaneko, Maruhiro, Otsuka, Ikarashi, Marujyu, Sekiguchi, Seitaro, Iwashita, Matsunosuke, kase, Sakuma, Maruboshi & name just won’t be short of koi to look at!

We’ve been taking hobbyists and koi dealers to Japan for nearly 20 years and during this time we’ve built strong relationships with the breeders. You will be guided around the mountains of Niigata as a member of our party, in search of those special nishikigoi. There is never any pressure to spend and we do not operate a minimum spend policy, so if you simply want to see what goes on in the mountains, you're more than welcome to join us. 


We take care of the flights, transfers, trains and hotel booking, we guide you around the labyrinth of breeders, we're on hand at all times for advice and we also arrange the shipping and quarantine of your latest purchases. We even have a good laugh whilst we're at it!

Fancy coming along?

If you would like to find out more information and costing, please contact: 

Ken 07973 442222

Sophie 07738 510181

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