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Remora Inverter Heat Pump i27


The Remora® Inverter heat pump is a premium quality heat pump featuring an advanced stepless DC inverter system, low noise airstream design and built-in* Wi-Fi connectivity.


They work by absorbing the ‘free’ heat from the ambient air outdoors, this heat is then transferred to your pond water, which combined with the new lower GWP R32 refrigerant, makes these heat pumps an environmentally friendly way of heating your pool.


Remora® Inverter heat pumps have an average COP of 10, meaning for each kW of energy consumed up to 10kW of heat is transferred to your pool when the ambient air temperature is 26°C, or up to 8.5kW at 15°C. 


The Remora® Inverter heat pump features built-in Wi-Fi connectivity as standard (requires Wi-Fi network with suitable signal strength) and can be controlled from your smartphone. The ‘Smart Life’ App is available for both iOS and Android smartphones.


The App can be used to view the current pond water temperature, adjust the desired temperature, switch between heating and cooling modes, set the timer and turn the heat pump on and off remotely.


*Your Remora heat pump will arrive with the Wi-Fi module installed on a 10m extension cable external to the unit, this allows easy setup of the Wi-Fi and also provides the option to place the Wi-Fi module away from the unit if the signal strength is poor. Once the Wi-Fi setup has been completed the module can be placed inside the unit, this is easily achieved by removing the top of the unit and removing the extension cables, please ask us for details – takes less than five minutes to re-position.


Remora® inverter heat pumps are ideally suited for heating Koi ponds:

  • Wide range of set points from 5°C to 40°C
  • 13A RCD plug on 9kW and 12kW models allows you to plug units directly into outside sockets without need for additional electrical connections
  • 10m extension cable on Wi-Fi module for improved connectivity to home Wi-Fi networks
  • Inverter model is suitable for all year round heating / cooling
  • Remote input for external third party thermostatic management, for example RS PRO On/Off Temperature Controller


Important: The manufacturer literature may state that the heat pump should be positioned above the waterline, the assumption being that pools are in-ground, therefore the heat pump would sit at ground level.

If you have an above-ground pool please also position your heat pump at ground level (therefore below the waterline), there is no need to elevate the heat pump.



Remora Inverter Heat Pump i27

  • Please call us on 07973 442222 to order this product

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