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One of The UK's Largest Koi Retailers 





The Koi Collection has been supplying high quality Japanese koi carp for over 25 years. We also keep a vast stock of koi related products. From Filtration, koi food and treatments to heaters, pipe-fittings and koi books - if it's worth owning, we probably have it in stock! 

We have built an excellent reputation with koi hobbyists all over the UK and with our comprehensive knowledge we can advise you on every aspect of the koi keeping hobby. 

 We have one of the largest koi only facilities in the UK, with over 34 individually filtered sales ponds containing koi from some of Japan's leading breeders. With mud ponds containing over 300,000 gallons of water and two 20,000-gallon show ponds you can be sure our koi are given the best possible conditions to thrive.


We were one of the first koi dealers in the UK to be given ‘Bio-Secure’ status by Dr Paula Reynolds (BSC PHD BA.) We employ a strict quarantine protocol in accordance with CEFAS regulations and ensure that every breeder gets a separate system. We have been importing, keeping and selling Japanese Koi Carp for over 25 years - that's experience money can't buy!


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