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Saki Hikari Deep Red 5kg Medium

Saki Hikari Deep Red is a floating colour enhancing diet for higher quality koi.


Saki Hikari Deep Red contains a precise amount of select, pure cultured Spirulina which naturally contains concentrated levels of carotenoids to help your koi develop more rapid and deeper coloration.


Saki Hikari Deep Red has been specifically formulated to reduce the chance of discolouration of the Shiroji (white areas of the koi) when used as directed.


Meant to be a finishing diet for show koi leading up to the event or as an aid for koi who are having trouble maintaining their colour, Saki Hikari Deep Red also can be used during warmer water periods as an additive to our other Hikari koi diets to boost colour depth.


Expect predictable growth and desirable form when using Saki Hikari Deep Red. For increased growth try Saki Hikari Growth and in cooler water temperatures Saki Hikari Multi Season is an excellent choice to avoid losing the progress made with other Saki Hikari diets during the summer months.

Saki Hikari Deep Red 5kg Medium

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