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Miracle Animal

Miracle Animal food supplement will help build up your Koi's immune system. Miracle Animal is a natural plant extract comprising the very best in selected organically grown ingredients that have been fermented and matured over long sustained periods of time.

Over the past few years this new wonder product has been tested by many of the breeders in Japan including Momotaro, Shinoda, Izumiya, Isa, Oofuchi, and Oishi, Uedera Torijyo, Miyatake Yorijyo, Arita Nosan Yoribu, Tanaka Yorijyp and many more through out Southern Japan and Niigata regions. One can only assume that if these renowned breeders are using Miracle Animal then this has to be the best recommendation for a food supplement there is.

Over extended periods of testing Miracle Animal has proved to improve the healthy development of Koi and boosts their immune system. In addition, Miracle Animal has show to improve the physical condition of the fish in terms of skin quality, mucus etc, and also promotes a healthier lustre. Another huge benefit of using Miracle Animal is that it also stabilizes your water quality with the beneficial effects of Lactobacilli.





Miracle Animal

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