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Kusuri Pro-100 1L

Kusuri Pro-100 will reduce free-living pathogenic bacteria. It cannot directly reduce bacteria that have already penetrated skin tissue. The multiplying colonies of beneficial bacteria out compete harmful strains of pathogens, by consuming the nutrients that the pathogens require to survive and develop. Effectively, Pro-100 reduces the numbers of pathogens by occupying their living space and starving them out of the food chain and replaces the harmful bacteria with beneficial bacteria.

Kusuri Pro-100 is an effective preventative water treatment that does not involve anti-biotics, disinfectants or any other type of chemical products. A number of dangerous pathogenic strains of bacteria, like Aeromonas, Pseudomonas and E.coli can cause catastrophic fish losses in ponds through infections of wounds and ulcers.

Kusuri Pro-100 is not a direct cure for wounds and ulcers but will assist in the natural therapeutic recovery from disease and infection.


Dosage Instructions:


Use 5ml per 1000 ltr (220 gallons) add daily for one week. Then reduce to 10ml per 4550 ltr (1000 gallons) every 7 days thereafter.


Below 15°C double the dose to 20ml per treatment every five days.

Start up dose (daily for 7 days):

1 litre treats 44,000 gallons

5 litres treats 220,000 gallons


Maintainance dose (once per 7 days above 15°C):

1 litre treats 100,000 gallons

5 litres treats 500,000 gallons

Kusuri Pro-100 1L

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