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Kusuri Malachite Green 1 Litre

Kusuri Malachite Green is a good General Medication and also to aid eliminating known parasites within the pond. If used in conjunction with Kusuri Formalin it will eradicate White Spot for sure.

Kusuri Malachite green and Kusuri formalin are the best treatment for common external parasitic infections.

Kusuri Malachite green 2% can be used for the treatment of many parasitic infestations when used with Kusuri Formalin. Kusuri Malachite can be used on its own with salt as a bath treatment. Mixing Kusuri Malachite with Kusuri Formalin is effective at treating most other microscopic parasites.

Use Kusuri Malachite Green above 10c (50f) typical dosage 50 ml to 880 gallons.

Kusuri Malachite Green 1 Litre

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