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Colombo FMC-50 250ml

Colombo FMC50 Anti White Spot Treatment is great for treating white spot or fungus in pond fish. White spot is caused by Ichtyophthirius Multifiliis. This disease usually occurs when the natural resistance of fish is reduced or compromised. For example when fish are transported, over crowding, water changes or adding new fish. Affected fish show white spots on their skin up to 1mm in size. These spots can be separate or clustered. The fish will often chafe their skin on plants or rocks or can be seen moving back and forth in the water. After loss of the use of the (breathing) skin surface or when the gills are affected, shortness of breath will set in and your fish will eventually die so it is very important to treat once you identify white spot. Colombo FMC50 can also be used against fungal infections. This can easily be recognised by the appearance of a greyish white, cotton-like growth(s) on the skin or gills.

Colombo FMC-50 250ml

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