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Cloverleaf Chlorine Answer

Key Features

  • Very effective
  • Pet and wildlife friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Safe for fish and pond plants
  • Genuine Cloverleaf


Raw tap water chemicals including chlorine can damage the gills and skin of delicate pond fish. 

Cloverleaf Chlorine Answer converts these harmful chemicals and heavy metals making the water safe for fish to live and thrive. 


Use when initially filling a pond with tap water, topping up after evaporation loss and when carrying out a water change. 


Remove the cap from the dosage chamber. 

Squeeze the bottle and fill with the required amount. 

Add to a bucket of pond water and mix 

Distribute evenly across the pond 

Use 10ml per 182 Litres (40Gal) 

250ml Treats 4540 Litres (1000 Gal) 

1 Litre Treats 18160 Litres (4000 Gal)

Cloverleaf Chlorine Answer

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