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Bao Bio Fin Med

BaoBio FinMed is a topical treatment for treatment of infected fins. Infections of fins are normally caused by mechanical damage (netting injury), bacteria and/ or fungi. Bacterial infection of fins results in bacterial fin rot, and the wound is then also opportunistically colonised by fungi such as Sprolegnia spp. Lesions on fins are unique and require novel methods of treatment in comparison to other topical wounds on the body. BaoBio FinMed is designed specifically for fin treatment and will result in rapid healing of fin damage.

  • A new generation topical treatment for fish fins.
  • Designed to be used by the hobbyist.
  • Effective against bacterial lesions on fins. 
  • Effective against fungal infection on fins. 
  • Aids repair and healing of split or torn fins. 

The product is packaged in kit form and is comprised of two mixtures. The first solution is used as a bath to wash the infected area. This results in localised oxidation of the infection site, thus cleaning and disinfecting the wound. The second solution serves as a fluid plaster, which results in rapid healing of the wound. Treatment using BaoBio FinMed will sanitise the wound and prevent the proliferation of bacteria and fungi while speedily promoting the repair and re-growth of tissue. The product is formulated using high-grade ingredients and has been tested for many years. 

The application of the bath solution is directed to the site of infection through use of a nozzled dropper bottle, and the coating solution is simply painted on thereafter. The treatment is easily performed by the average hobbyist. The fish is anaesthetised in a bath or vat and removed onto a moist working mat. The wound is blotted dry using an absorbent paper pad. Damaged fin ends may be trimmed if necessary. BaoBio FinMed 1 is generously dropped onto the infection site, ensuring that the entire wound has been disinfected. After 1 minute, BaoBio FinMed 2 is painted onto the infected area and allowed to dry. Drying time can be minimised by assisted positive air-drying. Once the wound is dry to the touch, the fish can be returned to water. Healing will be noticeable within 5 days. Repeat the application of BaoBio FinMed 2 every 7 days until the fin has been repaired. Badly split fins may require suturing of the fin rays to speed the healing process. BaoBio FinMed 2 can be used to coat the line of suture.

BaoBio FinMed has also been designed, such that the average koi keeper can successfully complete the treatment. The product comprises a kit containing 15ml BaoBio FinMed 1 bath solution in an amber dropper bottle and 8ml of BaoBio FinMed 2 in a brush bottle.



Bao Bio Fin Med

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