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Bactoplus Filter Start Gel 1L

Bactoplus Filter Start Gel is a professional pond bacterium that contains a very high concentration of living nitrifying bacteria. Each milliliter contains more than 8,000,000 bacteria. By adding Bactoplus Filter Start Gel, you accelerate bacterial colonization in new filters or increase the number of bacteria present. The Bactoplus Filter Start Start Gel contains both AOB and NOB, as well as in large quantities other ammoniating and nitrifying bacteria. It is recommended to use these bacteria when starting a new filter, after maintenance, and with water quality problems.

When the filter is easy to access and the filter material can be dried, the gel version of the product can be applied directly to the filter material, which enhances the effect.

Bactoplus Filter Start Gel 1L

SKU: 8717496170057
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