This is the first English Koi book written by Japanese Koi dealers, providing a detailed explanation of how to appreciate every variety of Koi with exceptional quality pictures. 

Volume 1 - 

Complete with CD-ROM that trains you to compare over 150 Nishikigoi by asking you to compare 2 Koi at a time, it then sharpens your skills by indicating and explaining the specific points you should use in comparison. With a question and answer booklet and a very comprehensive glossary.

Volume 2 - 

After spending nearly 3 years Kodama has finally completed "Kokugyo - Nishikigoi Development.

He has collected pictures that follow the changing process of 174 Koi and explains how they developed. Aonce in a lifetime compilation of information, never seen before. This is a dream book for every serious Koi lover.

Volume 3 -

One of the best textbooks to learn how to judge koi. Specifically, the reader will learn how to determine which koi is better by comparing critical features. KOKUGYO 3 explains this essential technique. The saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" suggests that a koi's beauty is subjective. However, it is also important to know how koi beauty is judged. This book teaches you and koi fanciers around the globe how to determine a koi's superiority.


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