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Koi 2 Kichi

In 1995 Peter Waddington gave Koi Kichi to the world. Since then the book has been hailed by Koi lovers worldwide as THE must have book for serious hobbyists.

After almost two years of planning and writing, Peter's New Book, Koi 2 Kichi is ready and is an absolute must.

Koi2Kichi is not just a book it’s a Nishikigoi experience, a completely original and totally unique package.

Peter Waddington's Koi 2 Kichi 2 volume, 5 piece set

The Koi2Kichi package consists of :

  • Book 1 - The Path to Understanding

  • Book 2 - The Path to Yamakoshi

  • Yamakoshi Nishikigoi Map

  • DVD of the tours

  • Black slip case

Koi 2 Kichi

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