Product Description

Prevention in a Bottle

All good Koi keepers know it’s easier to prevent problems with our Koi than it is to cure them once they have emerged.

Every year thousands of Koi and pond fish die from the dreaded ulcer disease which is caused by Aeromonas bacteria.

This year, however, things can be a lot different because now there is Genesyz™ – a totally organic product that contains absolutely NO CHEMICALSor MEDICATIONS of any kind and Genesyz™ is capable of eradicating Aeromonas so no more ulcers.

Like all really great solutions, Genesyz™ is simple – it works by a process called “competitive exclusion”, starving the Aeromonas bacteria to death!

The message is clear, don’t struggle with the symptoms ie: ulcers & sores – use Genesyz™ to eradicate the cause (Aeromonas!). So this season get your revenge in first – use Genesyz™ in your pond and avoid ulcer disease!

1 Litre treats approx 1000 gallons for a year. Successfully used in UK ponds for more than 15 years by smart Koi keepers as a preventative measure.


Genesyz 1ltr - £75