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Proline 3KW Titanium element with 13A Proline Digistat

These all new Pro line heaters units have titanium heating elements with pure Titanium flow tube and elements ensure its suitability for use on All Aquatic Systems, including salt water / tropical marine.

The decision to produce a Titanium heater was made for a number of reasons. With outstanding resistance to fatigue and erosion, Titanium has a low density, excellent strength and has super corrosion resistance. It is considered to be physiologically inert.

Therefore, this new Pro line Titanium Aquatic Pond Heater is also suitable for heating acids and virtually any other liquid.

Accurate to + or – 0.5 deg C the special thermostats have an internal relay that allows them to be used on a wide range of applications including gas and oil boilers as well as electric heaters.

PRO Line Pond Heating Kit represents very good value for money indeed. To calculate the correct heater size you will need 1kw per 1000 gallons. All the units in this range can be connected to a normal domestic 13 amp mains supply.

Proline 3KW Titanium element with 13A Proline Digistat

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