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Nishikigoi Yearbook 2019 Volume 6 #2

From the creators and publishers of the widely acclaimed Nishikigoi International Magazine 1989 – 2006, this brand NEW specialist Koi publication aspires to provide a much needed high quality extended magazine publication that delivers high quality, stimulating editorial material in an engaging, relevant and entertaining totally NEW format.

For too long, the internet has had free reign to disseminate inaccurate often misleading information without taking any responsibility for the consequences. In addition to the loss of valid editorial format and reference resource for Koi enthusiasts, genuine and committed Koi professionals and Koi product manufactures lack an appropriate platform to showcase their Koi and Koi products.

Nishikigoi Yearbook hopes to help initiate a change for the better – 200 pages of serious, totally Koi focused material. With more than 150 of these high quality pages dedicated to serious Koi information, all produced by some of the most experienced and committed Koi enthusiasts anywhere in the Koi world.

We don’t claim to be the solution to all the problems in the Koi industry – but genuinely hope to be part of a much needed renaissance, in what is the very best hobby on the planet – join us and see if you agree!

Nishikigoi Yearbook 2019 Volume 6 #2

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