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Billion Liquid


Hikui disease (dermatitis cutitis) which nests and spoils Hi-plate is a very troublesome disease. Billion Liquid is developed for the purpose of curing this Hikui disease. Billion Liquid contains Propolis made in Brazil, polyvinylpyrrolidone, Vitamin B2, B6 etc.

Wipe off moisture on the affected part, then apply Billion Liquid on the affected part.


  • Use Koi Sleep to make the koi sleep 
  • When the koi is asleep, cut off the affected part (tumor-like) with a razor (or with finger)
  • Dry the affected area with paper towels or tissue
  • Once completely dry, apply Billion Liquid to the affected area only. Do NOT allow Billion Liquid to spill onto healthy areas of the koi
  • Reapply 3 times per week

Billion Liqid 30ml - £75

Billion Liquid

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