Medium bodied, extremely fast setting, PVC cement for all classes and schedules of rigid and flexible pipe through 6" diameter interference fit, Schedule 80 through 4" diameter. Specially formulated for applications where conditions are very wet and/or when quick pressurisation is desired. No primer needed unless required by local code.

240 ml Solvent Weld Glue Fast Cure  -  £ 12.00


500 ml Solvent Weld Glue Fast Cure  -  £ 20.00




Solvent weld Pipe Cleaner is used for cleaning all pipework and fittings prior to being welded together with Solvent Weld Adhesive.

Solvent weld Pipe Cleaner will remove all traces of dirt and grease ensuring a good joint every time. Use this product prior to using the Solvent Weld Glue

Solvent Weld Pipe Cleaner 1 Ltr  -  £ 7.00