Hikari Gold

Hikari Gold Koi Food is an excellent Colour Enhancing Daily Diet For All Types Of Koi & Pond Fish.

Hikari Gold Koi Food is a daily colour enhancing diet for Koi rich in enhanced astaxanthin, a form of carotenoid, helping to bring out all the natural beauty and true colours Koi are known for. The carefully balanced nutrition, vitamins and amino acids will keep your koi healthy and full of energy while helping them to grow fat deposit free.


2 kg Hikari Gold Medium  -  £ 34.95

Hikari Staple

Hikari Staple Koi Food is an economical daily diet for Koi and other Pond Fish providing complete and balanced nutrition to promote desirable growth and development. Hikari Staple Koi Food is a floating, complete diet which will not cloud your water and contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Hikari Staple Koi Food promotes consistent growth and improves resistance to disease. Available in Medium and Large Pellet.

2 kg Hikari Staple Large  -  £ 21.95


2 kg Hikari Staple Mini  -  £ 21.95


2 kg Hikari Staple Medium  -  £ 21.95


5 kg Hikari Staple Large  -  £ 44.95


5 kg Hikari Staple Mini  -  £ 44.95


5 kg Hikari Staple Medium  -  £ 44.95


10 kg Hikari Staple Large  -  £ 79.95


10 kg Hikari Staple Medium  -  £ 79.95

Hikari wheatgerm

Hikari WheatGerm Koi food is a floating high quality pellet food, for winter, spring and autumn feeding. Hikari WheatGerm is in our opinion still one of the best quality Koi foods available, made in Japan to a very high standard and used by many breeders, hobbyists and dealers.

Hikari WheatGerm Koi food is an excellent daily diet for Koi and other Pond Fish for when water temperatures are cooler or improved digestion is desired. 

500g Hikari Wheat Germ Medium  -  £ 9.99


500g Hikari Wheat Germ Large  -  £ 9.99


2kg Tub (from our hoppers)  -  £30.00


5 kg Hikari Wheat Germ Large  -  £ 59.95


5 kg Hikari Wheat Germ Sinking Medium  -  £ 62.95


10kg Hikari Wheat Germ Medium Pellet  -  £ 89.99

Hikari Friend

Hikari Friend is a large pellet Koi specific formulated balanced diet that will keep your koi in the best of health!

An economical daily diet offering basic nutrition to allow your koi to live a long and healthy life. A well balanced Koi nutritional package suitable for Koi owners that want excellent value for money AND healthy koi. 

Hikari Friend Koi Food 10kg  -  £ 45.00