Kusuri Acriflavine 

Kusuri Acriflavine 1% medication is a liquid preparation, a general anti-bacterial useful for the Treatment of fungus and external bacterial infections. Kusuri Acriflavine is reported to help in the reduction of minor viral infections.

Kusuri Acriflavine can be used safely in salted ponds. Kusuri Acriflavine can be also be used as a bath treatment.


Dosage: 10mls to 100 gallons. For use above 11c (55f).

Acriflavine 250 ml  -  £ 11.93


Acriflavine 500 ml  -  £ 16.57

Kusuri chloramine t

Kusuri Chloramine T is a very popular and effective treatment to generally lower bacterial levels in the pond. Kusuri Chloramine T can be effective on white spot, skin flukes and some bacterial gill diseases.


Kusuri Chloramine T can be used in the entire pond or as a dip or bath treatment. Use above 55 degrees Fahrenheit.


Typical Dosages :

5 grams per 1000 gallons as an anti bacterial 

15-20 grams per 1000 gallons as an anti parasite treatment (4 doses required).

Chloramine T 100 g  -  £ 20.50


Chloramine T 250 g  -  £ 33.50

kusuri sabbactisun

Kusuri Sabbactisun is totally non-toxic chemical free treatment for bacterial infections.

Kusuri Sabbactisun is a unique natural remedy against bacterial infections in fish. Which can manifest as many and varied symptoms such as fin rot, ulcers, bulging eyes (exophthalmia) mouth rot, fungus, raised scales, and bacterial related dropsy. Kusuri Sabbactisun enhances the immune system of the fish without any risk of resistance as with antibiotics and chemicals.


Kusuri Sabbactisun is harmless to all nitrifying filter bacteria, and all aquatic plants, Sabbactisun is rapidly biodegradable. Kusuri Sabbactisun is so safe it has been thoroughly tested on very sensitive aquatic creatures even shrimps & fry.

Sabbactisun 5 litres  -  £ 122.50