Refresh Powder "The Magic White Soil" is a clay mineral from the Yasawagi district in Akita prefecture, Japan.   Those who live in the district used to take this clay as a secret medicine for diarrhea, injury, toothache etc.  They call the clay "marvelous soil" or "magic white soil."  Refresh Powder is a wonderful gift from the earth, which can not be produced artificially.

These effective minerals keep water clean and help to supply nutrition dissolving slowly into the water through ion exchanges for excessive materials and bad materials for Koi.  These natural workings are necessary elements to keep Koi healthy and improve their color.

Refresh Powder is a mineral composed of Montmorillonite in it’s core and sixteen other necessary minerals such as silicic acid, aluminium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, and iron etc surrounding the core. Collectively, these effective minerals keep the water clean and further help to supply good nutrition, dissolving slowly into the water through an ion exchange system and in the same process lowering the levels of less welcome compounds also dissolving into the water, such as decaying organic materials thus minimising the spread of bacterial diseases.

Dosage: 100grams per 1000gallons weekly you may want to double the dose during the first two weeks

Refresh Powder 1.75 kg  -  £39.95

Refresh Powder 5 kg  -  £84.95